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7 How important is base material

8 What can the right thermal spray company do for your parts, your business, and your bottom line?

How important is base material?

The integrity of the base material is critical to how a component is manufactured and ultimately performs. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that you ask a provider where their base materials are sourced from. Base materials from China and Russia (for instance) have been known to be inferior in quality. Seek out manufacturing partners that source their raw materials from North America and Europe.   If you have any hesitation about whether or not your manufacturer is telling the truth about where their raw materials come from, ask to see the documentation. Ultimately a good partner knows that your name is on the line too, so they’ll do what they can to give you assurances of the quality you can expect. Using inferior raw materials is not being cost-efficient - it is compromising the integrity of the part and the integrity of your operation. That is why it is so important to ask your provider where they source their raw materials.

What can the right thermal spray company do for your parts, your business, and your bottom line?

Thermal spray coatings increase component life and value, decrease machinery downtime, and improve   overall component performance. The right thermal spray company will provide you with parts that are harder, more durable, and more wear resistant. When critical parts are properly protected, you can be confident that they will perform longer and more consistently, saving your customers money by reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Reduced costs obviously add immediate improvements to their bottom line, but parts that perform better allow you to offer superior products which results in significant return on investment.