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So, it turns out The Wall Street Journal doesn’t have a section in their fine publication devoted to coated components. But here’s the thing – what we do, what you do, it’s a BIG deal. So we’re not going to quit our day jobs, but we monitor what’s going on and post it here on our site. Make sure to bookmark this page, visit often and tell your friends. This is your hub for news and updates for the industry.

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Category: U.S.Energy

State of Oil and Gas: Why the U.S. Energy Boom Is So Exciting

August 04, 2014 Posted by Chris Wysong

Jeff Miller asserts that when it comes to the production of oil and gas, price and availability of these is based on our technology, not on scarcity of resources. In an optimistic piece, Miller outlines the highlights of recent innovations that will benefit the U.S. energy industry and the economy as a whole. State of Oil and Gas: Why the U.S. energy boom is so exciting By: Jeff Miller Energy demand growth in emerging economies. The increasing pressure on the conventional base of oil and gas resources. Advances in the technology of oil and gas recovery. The large and increasing geopolitical role of energy supply. The impact of energy production on our economy. Taking all of these factors into account, there probably has never been a more exciting time to be in the oil and gas business. The worlds demand for energy in general and petroleum in particular, is relentless. Even with demand in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries essentially flat, theres

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Fracking Defense: Fears of depleting water supply are unfounded

August 02, 2014 Posted by Chris Wysong

The practice of fracking is highly contested for many reasons. Environmentally minded organizations are concerned about the impact that it might have. One fight against fracking in California is that it is putting strain on the already limited water supply. In his article for Mercury News, Chris Faulkner illustrates comparatively the small amounts of water used in the fracking process and how it truly isnt impacting the water supply. Fracking Defense: Fears of Depleting Water Supply Are Unfounded By:Chris Faulkner California is experiencing the worst drought in its history. So when state lawmakers recently killed a bill that would have banned the practice of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, environmentalists cried foul. These fractivists claim the controversial drilling technique is sucking up the states limited water supplies. That is nonsense. Fracking represents a tiny fraction of Californias water consumption. Theres no reason to single it out. Legislatures were right

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How Virginia Became The Oil Patch

July 28, 2014 Posted by Chris Wysong

It seems that the oil industry and politics are continually hand-in-hand. In this article from the Wall Street Journal, Holman K. Jenkins, outlines how blue states play into the industry. Jenkins explains how oil, technology, and politics work together and how states are capitalizing on new jobs in the energy sector. How Virginia Became the Oil Patch By:Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. As long as Americans are burning oil and gas,a bluish state wants its share of the jobs and revenues. Casually putting energy resources off-limits for environmental reasons, the American habit since the 1960s, just doesnt play politically anymore now that voters can see what it costs in jobs and revenues. Call it one more consequence of the fracking revolution. This great reversal, and not some all of the above energy vision the White House likes to tout, explains the Obama administrations decision last week to let oil companies begin seismically prospecting on long-closed sections of the Atlantic seaboard.

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