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So, it turns out The Wall Street Journal doesn’t have a section in their fine publication devoted to coated components. But here’s the thing – what we do, what you do, it’s a BIG deal. So we’re not going to quit our day jobs, but we monitor what’s going on and post it here on our site. Make sure to bookmark this page, visit often and tell your friends. This is your hub for news and updates for the industry.

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Did Finance Gut Manufacturing?

September 23, 2014 Posted by Chris Wysong

Industry leaders are calling for focus to be shifted from financial-based planning to technology-based planning that focuses on the effective acquisition and utilization of technology. IndustryWeek Editor-in-Chief Patricia Panchak agrees and urges manufactures to do the same. Did Finance Gut Manufacturing? By: Patricia Panchak If you have strategic sourcing reporting to finance, what do you get? You get purchase price reduction. What else do you get? Nothing. You get purchase price [reduction] at all costs. You dont get lead time, you dont get order quantity, you dont get on-time delivery and you dont get quality. You get purchase price reduction. You get what you deserve. Marty Thomas, SVP Operations Engineering Services, Rockwell Automation Such was the comment by a speaker at the 2014 IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference last month that jolted me. It confirmed for me that it is time to bring to the fore an issue thats lurked for some time in the back of my mind: Has our

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Is Finance the Cause of Manufacturing's Slide?

September 22, 2014 Posted by Chris Wysong

In this dialogue and debate, an MIT professor makes the case that finance gutted U.S. manufacturing, while other thought leaders respond to the claim. MIT Professor Fingers Finance as Cause of Manufacturings Underperformance By: Patricia Panchak A tour-de-force discussion about the role finance played/is playing in the gutting of U.S. manufacturing is at the Boston Review, an independent nonprofit that publishes thought provoking public discussions of ideas that matter. The March/April 2014 edition of the journal features the point/counterpoint as a cover story; it includes ten thought-provoking responses that deepen and expand upon the authors thesis. Because of the importance of this discussion to U.S. manufacturers and the impressive civility of the debaters, Ive summarized the main points in this commentary. However, I encourage you to read the original. Susan Berger, professor of political science at MIT, sparked the debate with the declaration: Since the 1980s, financial market

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Shale's Big Spenders Needn't Fight The Fed

August 13, 2014 Posted by Chris Wysong

While some doubt the longevity of the shale boom because of rising debt levels that could stifle returns, there are other factors in place that prove it may not be so easy to slow down shale. In this WSJ piece, Liam Denning investigates the numbers and statistics behind the financing of the shale boom and outlines why the Fed is unlikely to derail it. Shales Big Spenders Neednt Fight The Fed By: Liam Denning The oil patch has run up the mother of all tabs. So will rising interest rates choke off the shale boom? Between 2006 and 2012, U.S. exploration and production companies clocked almost $1 trillion in capital expenditure, far above operating cash flow of $670 billion, according to Raymond James. Companies have proven adept at filling that funding gap, not least by raising debt. The EP sector in 2007 was carrying $28.84 of net debt per barrel of oil equivalent produced, according to data from IHS, IHS +1.37% roughly equal to operating cash flow. By last year, net debt per barrel

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