Raw Stock to Your Dock
From the finest raw materials (NEVER sourced from China) to the quality controls that ensure your parts are machined and coated to your exact specifications every time, we protect the integrity of your parts.
Achieving the Extraordinary
We are doing the difficult every day, the impossible takes us a little longer!  Give us the parts that give you fits!  Find out what our customers, including some of the largest and most respected companies in the world, have to say about working with Plasma-Tec.
Love, Honor, Respect
Stewards, good & faithful, accountable, conservationists, honest, reliable, “Can Do”, experienced, friendly/real people.  We believe we are unlike any supplier with which you’ve ever worked. Our culture breeds initiative, quality parts, excellent service and mutual respect.

Our uniqueness eliminates competition; instead we focus on how our strengths benefit our customers.


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Thermal Spraying: What it Was and What it Has Become

May 27, 2014  |  On the eve of celebrating the one hundred anniversary of its discovery, thermal spraying looks back to its roots - early experiments in which liquids were broken up into fine particles by a stream of high-pressure gas.